Our story starts back in the ’60s.

Initially directed to the design and construction of formula cars with the first aluminum box frames and the first aluminum wings, in the early 1980s we specialized in the processing of composite materials.

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Bellasi over the years

Our main activity has always been in the sports sector with the creation and testing of aerodynamic parts for racing cars, especially for formulas, sports prototypes, tourism and rallies, bodies for road supercars, motorcycling and in training formulas, but we have achieved excellent results also in the furniture and industrial sector.

The experience and specialization acquired in these years of activity has led us to obtain a prestigious international qualification for our always avant-garde products, proposing and experimenting with new solutions, adapting them to the different needs of the customer.

Always open to new challenges and research, thanks to a qualified staff, of all that new technology offers in order to always be able to improve and always grow with the passion that has accompanied us in these years of activity and never abandoned.

Our company specializes in the design and construction of models, molds and parts in composite material.

Product quality, customer satisfaction, and the precision with which commitments are respected are our cornerstones.

We have long since achieved a technical knowledge that allows us to carry out diversified projects and we have always behaved with seriousness and dedication to:

  • Plan and control work orders;
  • Build and check the required product in accordance with the agreements made with the customer.
  • Our legal and operational headquarters are located in via biandrate 56/b in Novara.

We have our own technical office, administrative office, clean room, grinding room, two departments for assembling parts, four autoclaves and a cms cnc milling machine for 5-axis machining.

We are certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and o.S. Operational service (vw group specifications)

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